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A lot of water fountain dishes for pets tend to be on the smaller side, usually with the intention of accommodating a cat. Not only do they hold too little water to be practical for a large dog, but some design can be uncomfortable for any canine, such as a spout resembling a faucet.  Who wants to get their head wet every time they get a drink? It can be a bit of a nuisance to find a water dish for a large dog or multi dog household, so we’ve rounded up some suggestions. None of these are under 100 ounces, and some are much larger.

Kastty, 230 ounces

This one from Kastty is 1.8 gallons, or about 230 ounces, making it one of the larger ones on the market. The dish is ceramic and easy to keep clean, and the design is perfect for dogs.

It’s similar to the one my pets use, also from Kastty but at 101 ounces.

Kastty, 101 ounces

This one has been going strong for months and the pets loved it so much, I wound up purchasing two of them. Of all the water fountain dishes I’ve owned, this is also the easiest to keep clean. If I had known how much I would love it, I would have gotten the larger size above.

PetSafe, 128 ounces

This PetSafe brand stainless steel fountain holds 128 ounces and has over 5,500 reviews. The design could pose a problem for some dogs, or at least an inconvenience, but for other dogs, such as those with flatter faces, this could be easier than having to put their face so far down into a standard bowl.

Kastty, 195 ounces

Another from Kastty, this round dish provides 195 ounces of water and two slot grips to make carrying the dish easier.  

PetSafe, 256 ounces

Wrapping up our list is this beast from PetSafe which holds a whopping 256 ounces, beating out all the others in capacity.

Not every fountain dish will work for every dog. Choosing the right one is a matter of preference, but the right fountain dish can be a great addition to you and your pet’s life.

Which water dish is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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