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Like most cat owners, I have been through several styles of litter boxes over the years, depending on my needs and that of the cats. However, the one that I continue to come back to and that I often recommend for others who are searching for the right cat box, is this one from Catit. 
I originally purchased this one as I lived with a very large cat, Boo, who try as he might, simply could not keep it all within a standard open tray litter box. I went searching for one that could accommodate his robust size with a preference for one with a lid for aesthetic reasons. 


The enclosed Catit box met all of my needs and more. The dimensions are one of the larger on the market and it is able to comfortably accommodate an almost twenty pound cat.


With the size of the box comes the capacity to hold a large bag of litter, including when Costco litter came in one, 42 pound bag, which is now divided up into much more accessible individual bags within the case. I still like to keep the litter box deep to extend how often it needs a full change.


Despite the lid, scooping in the box is simple, considering not only is the opening large, but the top of the lid connecting to the flap pulls back. This widened opening accommodates a large scoop such as this metal one.

I have never found the need to unclip and remove the entire lid in order to scoop the box. 

My cats have never particularly cared for a mat under their litter box, and they will often hop over it, defeating the purpose of catching loose litter from their feet. While a litter box can only do so much, the enclosed lid and the flap does significantly reduce the amount of litter that goes flying during enthusiastic scratching in the box. 

I like to empty the box entirely before adding vinegar and letting it soak for a half hour. Afterwards, I rinse out the box and let it air dry before spot drying it with a towel and then returning it inside to be filled with fresh litter. 

Everyone’s needs are different, but with three cats I do this process once a month. It helps keep the box fresh. This is the only time that I fully remove the lid, but despite owning the box for many years, the plastic clips that hold the lid in place have experienced no issues whatsoever. 

What is your favorite litter box? Let us know in the comments!


The cat box also includes a large carbon filter which can be replaced as needed. This filter goes a long way towards reducing odors from the cat box. 


As far as cat boxes go, I feel that this is the best on the market and the only Improvement I could see would be upgrading to an automatic cleaning box.

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