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My cats didn’t seem to need help staying hydrated—they drank from their water dish and were in good health. That was, until one of them, Boo, developed an UTI. I learned that cats don’t have the desire to drink as much as some animals, and even ‘good drinkers’ need enticement. More so if they primarily eat dry cat food. Since then, I’ve spent a good deal of time and money on cat water fountain dishes, and have discovered many styles along the way.

The Tiered One

This was the first water fountain dish I purchased. The cats were mildly interested, in the way cats do, and in the end, they did use it though I’m not sure more often than their usual dish. However, I found this contraption annoying to keep properly cleaned and I felt like I was always messing with it. After a short time, it went into the cabinet. That said, it has a decent rating on Amazon, so I might be in the minority with this one. I still don’t see myself putting it back out.

The Faucet Shaped One

I’ve affectionately dubbed this ‘the Foozle dish’ as it was purchased solely based on Foozle’s sudden faucet obsession when he developed hyperthyroidism. I picked this dish on the design as it most closely replicated the faucet he had attached himself to, and I wanted something that would be a sure transition for him. It worked, and in that, this is my ‘favorite’ dish. 

However, if I were to look at it objectively, I would like a few improvements: the material is plastic and scratches a bit too easily; and the dish part is a bit small, so Grue, who doesn’t like drinking directly from the spout, can’t lap from the bowl area without getting his head wet—which he won’t. I had to keep out another dish for him.

That said, as far as Foozle was concerned—and me, because a happy cat is a happy household—this is the best invention since indoor plumbing. We have other cat friends who also are thrilled with this dish.

The Clear One

At one point, the Pioneer Pet Swan dish seemed to disappear off Amazon. When I went looking for a replacement to keep in my back pocket, I found this one. I haven’t used it, and the Swan returned, but this seems like a reasonable option for those with specific, faucet-shaped needs.

The Flower One

Our friend, Squid, and his cat companions use this dish. Their mom says they love it, and she enjoys the design. With over 70,000 ratings on Amazon at this time, averaging 4.4 stars, it seems like a lot of people agree with her and Squid.

The Seascape and The Pagoda

These are two different dishes but from the same company. I love them both, aesthetically,  and these were my original picks for the cats, until Foozle demanded otherwise. 

The Kastty

In the end, instead of the Seascape or the Pagoda, we ended up with this one from Kastty. Two, actually, since the first was such a hit. This dish works for the household dogs as well as the cats, which minimizes the number of dishes I have to keep clean and refilled. And you can’t beat that.

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