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For a long time, when I stocked up on cat treats, I defaulted to the favorites such as these Temptations treats.

While my cats love these, I wanted to mix up the treats a little with different options. Unfortunately, it seemed like when it came to treats, dogs had all the fun.

As it turned out, that isn’t true.

Freeze Dried Treats

I bought my first freeze dried cat treats on whim when I stopped in at a local pet store. I had picked up meal toppers for the dogs and wanted to find something unique for the cats too. 

Freeze dried treats similar to these caught my attention.

I admit, I didn’t know what freeze dried actually was when I purchased them, but I did my research before feeding the treats to the cats.

Grue absolutely devoured the freeze dried treats. I learned later that freeze dried food is also available, though it’s also important to verify that the food is a complete, healthy diet for your cat. Nulo has a great reputation.

However, since raw food, even freeze dried, carries some inherent risks to it, please consult your vet to verify your cat is healthy enough for freeze dried treats. Some cats, such as those who are immune compromised, are not good candidates for this.

Squeezable Tube Treats

In my quest to find unique treats for the cats, I stumbled upon squeezable tube treats for cats and knew I had to get some. Since I like Nulo, I went with them but Churu also has a great reputation. 

Some people prefer to squeeze the tube into a dish for the cats, but I found it was a great sort of bonding playtime with them to squeeze out the food as they ate it. Of course it was a little messy, but nothing excruciating. You can see how much Foozle loved his squeezable tube treat.

This can also be a way to help entice an under-the-weather cat to eat and get extra moisture.

Mat Puzzle

One of my other go-to cat treats is simply wet can food, which is always a crowd pleaser. However, if you want to occasionally add a little stimulation to their treat, try out a lick mat, such as this.

Simply smear cat food pate on the mat and let them have at it. The texture and experience of getting the food out of all the nooks and crannies is an adventure.

Note: we don’t intend for this to be used at every meal, just occasionally to add some variety for a well fed, bored house cat.

I still keep Temptations on hand–the cats wouldn’t have it any other way–but it’s nice to have options. Not every cat will like every option or every flavor, but half the fun is learning about their personality and exploring the possibilities together.

What treats do your cats love?

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