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There are a lot of dog treats on the market, so we’ve rounded up our favorites or the most unique ones we’ve found into a fun list.

However, dog treats should be offered as an occasional reward. Not only are they not balanced enough to be a primary source of food, they are also often high in calories. If you intend to use treats for training, we suggest checking out our post here that lists training treats with 3 or fewer calories per treat. We also suggest reading our post here about factoring your dogs calorie intake versus exercise.

We’re big fans of using safe human food as treats, but sometimes, store bought treats are more convenient and easier to count calories.


Wag, Amazon’s brand of dog supplies, has freeze dried treats in several meat flavors.

Full Moon

Our resident treat expert, Noob, is partial to this jerky from Full Moon. Judging by the package, she has good taste, because these treats are USDA certified for human consumption (though we’re not sure we would eat them ourselves, the dogs certainly love them.)


A Better Treat

We haven’t tried these out yet, but these freeze dried salmon treats have over 1,600 reviews and 4.4 stars on Amazon.

Farm to Pet

These chicken chips are dehydrated–and contain only chicken. We do suggest using caution with dogs who might find the round shape to be a choking hazard. Otherwise, we love that these are a single ingredient.

Wag, again

These also from Wag are chicken and waffle flavored–and shaped like little waffles. Who can resist?

Canine Crinkles

These air-dried dog treats are shaped like potato chips, ridges and all.


Our list wouldn’t be complete with Jiminy’s–dog treats made from crickets. We haven’t tried them yet, but we like what they have to say: hypoallergenic and reduced carbon foot(paw)print. 

What fun treat does your dog love? Let us know in the comments!

If you would like to look at fun cookies for dogs–hard or chewy treats that resemble baked goods–check out this post.

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