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Feeding dogs fun shaped and flavored treats can be rewarding to both the dog and human. The stores are filled with a variety of treats, but we’ve sourced the best cookies in terms of shape and flavors. We also leaned towards brands that use higher quality ingredients

Three Dog Bakery

We’ll start with these sandwich cookies from Three Dog Bakery, which look like the human version and come in peanut butter, vanilla, and carob.

Bocce’s Bakery

Bocce’s Bakery uses ingredients like oat flour and flaxseed, and never uses artificial ingredients. Their B-shaped cookies come in a variety of flavors, including Pumpkin Harvest, Spiced Cake, Wild Berry Harvest, Mud Pie, and Turmeric Latte.

Check out their shop.


These hand painted cookies from Thoughtfully resemble sugar cookies for humans. They can be found in blue and pink and are adorable for special occasions.


Merrick’s Cookies also use limited ingredients, including oats, and come in a variety of fun flavors such as Paw’some Peanut Butter, Grammy’s Pot Pie, and Cowboy Cookout. Our favorite though is Pumpkin Patch, because they’re shaped like pumpkins.

The Honest Kitchen

The Honest Kitchen’s cookies use real goat’s milk in all their flavors, including Blueberries and Vanilla, Peanut Butter and Honey, and Pumpkin.

Exclusively Dog Cookies

Exclusively Dog vanilla wafer cookies almost look like the human counterpart. According to reviewers, they smell amazing too.

Blue Dog Bakery

Blue Dog Bakery offers a variety pack for their crunchy cookies which have over 7,000 reviews full of raving customers and 4.7 stars on Amazon. 


They also offer soft baked cookies which reviewers compare to Fig Newtons.


Cloud Star

Cloud Star crunchy cookies are grain free and use ingredients such as flaxseed and pea flour, and avoid artificial colors and flavors. They come in several flavors, such as Smooth Aged Cheddar or Chicken and Sweet Potato, and fun star and sun shapes. The variety box can be found here. 

Buddy Biscuits

These Buddy Biscuits from Cloud Star avoid using corn or soy fillers, and use ingredients such as chickpea flour and maple syrup. These cute little ‘gingerbread man’ shapes are soft and chewy.

Grandma Lucy’s

Grandma Lucy’s cookie flavors include Banana and Sweet Potato, or Apple. We haven’t tried these yet at Bloom, but we love the teddy bear shapes.

We love all the variety of fun options. Please keep in mind the calorie content of these treats when feeding, as some may be 10-60 calories each. That can add up quickly and cause health problems, so it’s always best to read the packaging and limit quantity based on the dog’s weight and health. 

Tempting as it might be, we do not encourage using any on this list as training treats. Instead, check out our list of training treats that are 3 calories or lower for each treat.

But the cookies in this post are great for occasional fun to brighten up your dog’s–and your–day.

Which cookie does your dog love? Let us know in the comments!

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