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Meal toppers and mix-ins can be a great option for dogs with weak appetites due to illness, or that just aren’t excited by their kibble. Toppers and mix-ins can also boost nutrition, or simply brighten your dog’s day.

Freeze Dried

Many dogs love freeze dried toppers, such as this one from Stella & Chewy’s. Flavors include Duck Duck Goose, Super Beef, and Tantalizing Turkey.

Also from Stella & Chewy’s, Marie’s Magical Dinner Dust is a freeze dried topper that works like a seasoning–just sprinkle it on. This can be used to help encourage eating prescription food, and with over 5,000 reviews on Amazon, it seems pet parents agree this is indeed magical.


For additions to kibble, you can’t go wrong with broth, such as this one from Nulo. 

Or this one from The Honest Kitchen, which is made with human-grade ingredients
Tip: if the broth package is too large for your dog, try freezing the leftover in ice cube trays to use later.

If you prefer a powder-based broth that can be mixed up with water before drizzling over kibble, check out this instant broth, also from The Honest Kitchen. Like their other products, the instant broth is made with human-grade ingredients.

Oils & Infusions

Pure Alaskan Salmon Oil from Zesty Paws is primarily an addition for the health benefits, but according to reviewers, most dogs also love it.

Another product from Zesty Paws is the 8-in-1 Flavor Infusion, which provides benefits for hip and joint, cardio, gut, liver, skin, and immunity. It provides antioxidants and increases your dog’s overall well being. Some reviewers report significant improvement after giving this to lethargic dogs.

Wet Food Toppers

Wet food toppers for kibble are always a great go-to, and Nulo provides a fantastic variety of flavors including Beef, Beef Live, and Kale; Chicken and Green Beans; Chicken, Duck, and Kale; Chicken, Salmon, and Carrot; Lamb, Mackerel, and Kelp; Mackerel, Chicken, and Mussel.

Tip: please pick up any uneaten food with a wet topper in a timely manner to prevent bacteria.

Keeping food toppers and mix-ins on hand is a convenient way to encourage a picky eater or to perk up your dog after a long day. Trying out the different options–freeze-dried toppers, broths, fish oil, and wet food toppers–can be a fun way to learn more about your dog’s preferences and personality.

What is your dog’s favorite kind of meal topper or mix-in: freeze dried, broth, oils & infusions, or wet food? Let us know in the comments!

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