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Automatic dog food feeders can help take the stress out of feeding time. They can also help keep your dog on a consistent routine for potty training purposes, or help expand the number of meals during a day so there is less time between feedings. This can help a dog that is on a weight loss diet feel more satisfied throughout the day.

The main components to consider about an automatic dog food feeder for dry kibble are:

  1. The hopper holding capacity
  2. Whether the settings are accessed through an app or the front of the dish
  3. Battery backup for power outages
  4. Camera
  5. The dish that will hold the dispensed food

Here are 5 automatic dog food dishes.


This one from Wopet is Bloom’s personal favorite. You can read our full review about the dish here LINK. This one has a camera, an app, and battery backup. The hopper is 7 liters, and you can even record a voice message to play when the food is dispensed to call your dog.


If you’re looking for an automatic dog food feeder that is not quite as robust, this one from Nevido has all the same features as the above Wopet dish, except the food storage is 4 liters and the dish does not have a camera. Considering the camera on Wopet often ends up just taking a close up picture of an ear, this Nevido dish is a great option to try. This dish also offers a model with a rechargeable battery.


Wansview offers an automatic dog food dispensing dish much like Wopet, except with a 4 liter holding capacity as well. The description on this dish includes an optional cloud service for storing camera video. 


For those who are less thrilled about apps, this 4 liter dish from Faroro uses a settings panel on the dish itself to schedule meal dispenses. This dish does not have a camera but otherwise provides the basic features as all the other dishes, sans app.


Sometimes, medical issues make elevated dishes important to a dog’s well being. If that’s the case for your dog, Bluzzo has you covered. This dish does not have a camera or app, but the dish sits on legs just over 3.5 inches tall, which can provide necessary elevation for small dogs.

While choosing the right automatic dog dish is subjective, we love our dishes from Wopet and can’t believe we went so long without them. No matter how hectic the day or how long of a commute, I know my dogs are getting dinner right on time, and that has made the investment worthwhile.

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